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Don't Be Sad: Just Look At All Of The Movies You Have To Look Forward To

August 7, 2013: Percy Jackson- Sea of Monsters
August 9, 2013: We're The Millers
August 9, 2013: Disney's Planes
August 16, 2013: Kick-Ass 2
August 21, 2013: The Mortal Instruments- City of Bones
August 30, 2013: One Direction- This Is Us
September 13, 2013: Insidious- Chapter 2
September 20, 2013: The Wizard Of Oz
September 27, 2013: Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2
October 11, 2013: Romeo and Juliet
November 1, 2013: Ender's Game
November 8, 2013: Thor- The Dark World
November 15, 2013: The Book Thief
November 22, 2013: The Hunger Games- Catching Fire
December 13, 2013: The Hobbit- The Desolation of Smaug
TO BE ANNOUNCED 2014: Paranormal Activity 5, Phineas and Ferb, Journey 3- From the Earth to the Moon, Spongebob Squarepants 2, Pinocchio.
January 31, 2014: Are We Officially Dating? (*cough* Zac Efron and Miles Teller *cough*
February 14, 2014: The Maze Runner
March 21, 2014: Divergent
April 4, 2014: Captain America- The Winter Soldier
April 16, 2014: Heaven Is For Real
May 2, 2014: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
May 9, 2014: Legends of Oz- Dorothy's Return
May 23, 2014: X-Men- Days of Future Past
June 6, 2014: Ninja Turtles
June 13, 2014: 22 Jump Street
June 20, 2014: How To Train Your Dragon 2
June 27, 2014: Transformers 4
July 11, 2014: The Fast and the Furious 7
August 1, 2014: Fifty Shades of Grey (????)
October 10, 2014: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
November 21, 2014: The Hunger Games- Mockingjay Part 1
December 12, 2014: Tomorrowland
December 17, 2014: The Hobbit: There and Back Again
December 19, 2014: Despicable Me Minions
December 25, 2014: Night At the Museum 3- Brother From Another Mother
December 25, 2014: Into The Woods
TO BE ANNOUNCED 2015: Avatar 2, Jurassic Park IV, Popeye, Batman vs. Superman, Star Wars- Episode VII, Snow White and the Huntsman 2, PITCH PERFECT 2 (!!!!)
March 13, 2015: Cinderella (w/ Helena Bonham Carter)
March 27, 2015: The Penguins of Madagascar
May 1, 2015: The Avengers- Age of Ultron
June 19, 2015: Assassin's Creed
June 26, 2015: Terminator 5
July 10, 2015: Pirates of the Caribbean 5
July 24, 2015: The Smurfs 3
September 25, 2015: Hotel Transylvania 2
November 6, 2015: Charlie Brown
November 21, 2015: The Hunger Games- Mockingjay Part 2
November 25, 2015: Finding Dory
December 11, 2015: Alvin and the Chipmunks 4
December 23, 2015: Kung Fu Panda 3
TO BE ANNOUNCED 2016: Avatar 3, Untitled Star Wars Spin-off Movie
March 4, 2016: Untitled Disney Animation 2016 Project
May 6, 2016: Untitled Marvel 2016 Project
June 10, 2016: The Amazing Spider-Man 3
June 17, 2016: How To Train Your Dragon 3
June 17, 2016: Untitled Pixar Animation 2016 Project
reasons to not kill yourself between now and june 17th 2016




So I just need to get this off my chest:
For me David Kawena from Lilo and Stitch is the ultimate Disney prince because he is there for Nani AND Lilo and even Stitch despite everything that’s going on in their lives. They’re going through some tough stuff. Their parents die and all of the sudden Nani has to be a mom to her sister who is socially awkward and depressed and that’s hard enough as it is and then she gets her this ‘dog’ and everything gets harder and even though she can’t return David’s feelings he’s still there for them through everything. Even aliens. He’s amazing. I was watching Lilo and Stitch with my niece the other day and I cried watching David go through it all. He is the perfect guy. Like I just get emotional thinking about him.
Imagine if you had someone like David in your life - male or female. You would feel like a prince/princess even if you were living with next to nothing.
David is the ultimate Disney prince - even though he isn’t a Disney prince. He should be considered one.
Disney rant - over.

Reminder that David:
-has no curse to break-does not have a deadline/ultimatum to find a wife-has no financial/social gain from being with Nani-is told 1/4 of the way into the movie that Nani is too busy to worry about dating him AND PROCEEDS TO BE HELPFUL AND SUPPORTIVE ANYWAY.
David’s not a Disney prince because he’s too fucking awesome for that title. 







The packaging for the Disney Store Fairytale Designer Collection pairs previewed so far.
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SOOOOO glad they are the same boxes! I was going to be sad if they were a different shape!

Here you go, guys!